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At HR Culture we want to help your business grow, by working with you to assess your business productivity and build practical action plans.  We do this through a range of processes and services with our ultimate aim being the delivery of a holistic, well-rounded, flexible, tailored and effective HR policy and framework for your growing business.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional intelligence (EI) has redefined what it means to be smart. Emotional Intelligence refers to our ability to understand emotions – the emotions of others and ourselves. 

With a better understanding of your employees’ emotional intelligence, you can improve their ‘people’ skills which allows them to be more effective and productive. Self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience make up an individual’s emotional intelligence. 

When your staff and leaders are emotionally self-aware, they are better prepared to manage situations and motivate others. Your organisation will benefit when they are able to perceive and understand their own emotions and those of their coworkers. 

HR Culture is specially trained to offer Emotional Intelligence training to help your staff become smarter, happier and more productive. Through 'Genos' emotional intelligence assessments, we’ll help you measure how your employees display emotions in the workplace. 

Each assessment will follow with a report of practical development recommendations. By offering your staff the tools and training they need to become more emotionally intelligent, you’re setting them up for success. 

Key Concepts of Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotions strongly influence workplace behaviour and performance 
  • Emotional Intelligence is just as important as intellect (IQ) in determining success
  • High levels of Emotional Intelligence allows leaders to inspire staff to achieve more
  • Everyone can learn and develop Emotional Intelligence skills

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Emotional Intelligence Training

HR Systems, Tools and Software

We carefully select the right tools to help you manage the long-term efficacy of your HR policies and systems.  Not only that, but we provide you with expertise and support over the duration of your time with us to help you deploy a successful HR regimen that remains compliant and effective both now and well into the future.

HR Staff Manager

Simple, affordable and effective, HR Staff Manager is a web-based system that is loaded with templates, policies and HR processes specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Online WHS

Available as a service, Online WHS can generate a snapshot of your system, useful for tenders, this will extract an up to date report encompassing your whole system.

Enable HR

Providing all the necessary candidate, employee, contractor and WHS advice, tools, templates and guides, enableHR makes good HR management straightforward and trouble-free. 

The Process
HR Systems, Tools and Software

Performance Management

As your business expands, so does your need to ensure that your team is on the same page as you, across a range of subjects and practices.

Ensuring that your people are doing what you need them to do as well as improving or addressing their performance can be an ongoing struggle.

Enter HR Culture...  We deploy a range of tools and practices to help you leverage the full potential of your team by assessing their character types, personality traits and then leveraging these abilities to ensure that everyone performs to their full potential with the ultimate aim of maximising performance for both the individual and the team as a whole.

We achieve this through services like DiSC programs, facilitated performance reviews, training workshops and skills audit reviews.

If the going gets really though, we are more than happy to work with your to mediate or handle investigations

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Performance Management

Workplace Improvement

As your business grows, so too do your HR issues need to evolve.  Maintaining a healthy and productive culture relies almost solely on effective HR policies and procedures.

Thus, as your enterprise evolves and changes, so too do the stresses and needs placed upon your HR framework which, in turn, needs to be evolved to mitigate and support the sustainable growth of the business.

Through the effective ongoing analysis of your business and deployment of training, skills audits, management & leadership development whilst ensuring that all parties are on the same page through surveys and evaluation, HR Culture can assist you in growing your business while maintaining that crucial culture that can so often be the make or break.

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Workplace Improvement