STAR Workplace Delivered by HR Culture

The STAR benchmarking tools identify what really drives strategy in your business. The four components that are evaluated include:

  • Strategy Fulfilment
  • Team Satisfaction
  • Actions & Processes to Retain Employees
  • Results of Company Performance

STAR Workplaces achieve a high rating in all areas. If businesses need assistance in a particular area, the benchmarking process helps you to develop action planning for improvement which will assist in retaining yourSTAR Client for the future. As an HR Coach Network Member, you will review the results and help prioritise actions and review options for improvement which can be actioned over the next six and twelve months.

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Are you achieving your business goals?

HR Culture are specialists in linking business strategy with people. If you employ staff, like it or not, you are in the People business! And so are we. The Star Workplace program will:

  • Benchmark against other Australasian Businesses
  • Identify risks, management issues and opportunities hidden in your business using an easy to follow 12-month plan
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You cannot manage what you do not measure

Employee surveys alone are not good enough. You need to know the whole story – there are 3 steps to gaining back control.

First we get your feedback so we can see what you want from your business and the impact it is having on you.

Second, we get feedback from your people about the business – no blame games, just the facts so you can see the impact your business has on your people.

Third, we have all the information to create a practical 12-month plan - a roadmap for you to follow, month by month, putting you back on track ensuring your success and a return on your investment.

Find out how simple, easy and anonymous this process is in addressing your business and HR planning needs.