Getting Your People Sorted for 2018

As the 2018 New Year approaches, and you wrap up projects and finalise jobs, and, if you’re lucky enough, may be heading towards a well-earned Christmas/New Year holiday break, it's definitely time to really plan your new PEOPLE goals for 2018. If you employ people, the success of any of your plans, projects and goals for the New Year, will be dependent on their engagement. 

One of my favourite quotes, is “Employees join organisations, and leave managers”. Let’s say it again - employees join organisations and leave managers. Potentially, even worse than leaving, is that they ‘quit and don’t or won't leave’. They lose their work mojo, passing the time, getting a wage, but not really achieving what is needed to get the job done. 

So what happens along their journey at your workplace to influence them losing motivation? Are your employees thinking about leaving you? Have they quit but won’t leave? Have any of your team members become toxic and are influencing the positive and focused ones? How do you know if this has happened? Answer: you might see alot more absences from work, you might see a lack of enthusiasm, a loss of concentration, alot of excuses, denial and lack of accountability.

So, what can you do about it? If you are feeling and seeing this you really need to ask them about what is going on for them?  Apply the philosophy of asking to understand? Tell them you have noticed some loss of mojo, and ask them if they have noticed!  If they are thinking about leaving, I can guarantee you that these team members are not fully focused on the job they are supposed to be doing for you. 

A new year is a time for reflection. For looking back at what has passed during the year, and then looking forward at what you would like to achieve. A New Year, a fresh start!  If there is indeed a disconnect between what an employee’s expectations are of the workplace, and what actually happens at work, you need to know about it. If there is a disconnect it may very well be related to workplace relationships and communications - with either you or other team members. People are influenced to STAY and engage at work because of their manager,  just like they are influenced to GO because of the relationship with their manager. 

So, how can you focus on ensuring your employees stay with you, and remain engaged in your business, in 2018? 

  1. In 2018 ask your team what is important to them – What needs to change? What works well? Do this without defensiveness, without rancour, without judgement. Seek to understand first!
  2. In 2018 work on yourself first!  Undertake personal development – learn more about yourself and how you impact the people around you to ensure you are doing your utmost to build relationships that are trusted and genuine.
  3. In 2018 review your workplace processes and systems to ensure they work effectively and efficiently – the people on the tools know what is working well and what isn't so ASK them! Your people will have solutions to fix problems in this area as they deal with the day to day operational challenges.
  4. In 2018 invite creativity and innovation into your team meetings – brainstorm ideas, ask 'what if' questions, and accept that no idea is a bad idea.  Put some ideas to the test, allow team members to manage this process to generate ownership at all levels.
  5. In 2018 hold regular communication meetings with the team and individuals. Make them your priority. Ensure you rotate your team meetings through different chairs, and have others take minutes. Spend one on one time with each individual to find out how they are going, and give them feedback.
  6. In 2018 share your business goals with the whole team – how can they know your direction and what is important for them to work on if you don’t tell them. Even better than this is collaborating with them to build your team 2018 goals so everyone has ownership.
  7. In 2018 commit to constantly thinking and acting Above the Line. Be a role model for your team by demonstrating – no blame, no denial, no excuses – start with you.
  8. In 2018 delegate and empower your team. You are probably juggling dozens of different 'balls' at any one time. Your team want to learn and grow, so spend time training, educating and delegating to them. What tasks might you be hanging onto because you believe only you can do it properly? Show you trust them through empowerment.
  9. In 2018 look after the well-being of everyone in your team – including you. Ensure everyone is achieving the balance they need. 
  10. And finally, in 2018 have fun with your team, spend time celebrating the wins and achievements, supporting and problem solving the challenges, and enjoy your time at work – laughter really is the best medicine.
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Getting Your People Sorted for 2018