The HR Culture Process

We work around a carefully developed 5 stage process which enables us to deploy and manage a highly effective HR strategy for our clients.  Identifying the point of entry into this process is a crucial first step towards enhancing or solving your HR issues as well as helping you achieve a rock solid foundation upon which to build your company.
We totally appreciate that many of our clients will be more concerned about solving an existing challenge, and so we will always prioritise this but will also look for opportunities to prevent this issue or other issues coming up in the future.

Human Resource Framework

Using the Human Resource Framework in conjunction with a needs analysis, HR Culture can guide you through the management of your human resources using a practical business discipline in line with your overall business needs.

We will help you identify the pitfalls and figure out why you are struggling with people management while teaching you how to apply our simple human resource framework.

Successful application of this framework will save your enterprise time, money and headaches!

Ultimately, we are here to help you get on top of your people management strategies, improve productivity, performance, staff retention and successfully grow your business with an effective and complete HR process.

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Human Resource Framework

A Brief Overview of The Process

Below is a quick run through of each stage of our 5 stage HR Framework.  For further detail, please check out our services page or get in touch if you're ready to get your HR issues under control...

1. Organisational Measurement & Planning

Through surveying, audits and exploratory processes, we identify your organisational HR needs, gaps and compliance issues.

2. HR Process & Systems

Armed with this information, we then provide you with the tools and systems you need to manage your HR needs.

3. Governance & Compliance

Ensuring that your business remains compliant with legislitation is crucial to avoid litigation and ensure you're doing the right thing for both your staff and your organisation as a whole.

4. Performance Management

Assessing and enhancing the performance of your team can greatly enhance the efficacy of your enterprise as well as alleviate or completely eliminate the potential for problems in the future.

5. Workplace Improvement

As your organisation grows, so too do the demands placed upon your HR resources.  We work with you to mitigate any potential problems and aid you in growing your organisation to where you need it to be.

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A Brief Overview of The Process


The Human Resource Framework is a practical structure to manage human resources as a business discipline. It provides consistency and security in human resource practices that businesses have now come to need.Based on years of research, the framework is designed to suit the full array of organisations profit, not for profit, large and small. The National Framework is a blueprint, assuring sustainable human resource practice for future organisations.